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Fragrances hold a special place in our lives, be it an occasion, a corporate meeting, or just your personal leisure activity.

Smell is our most personal sense. It has immense power to stimulate and seduce as well as uplift our spirits, thus being an amazing gift. Creating a beautiful scent requires creativity and audacity, so does selecting the perfect perfume for your loved ones. Perfumes symbolize moods and ideas, tones and contradictions.  Fragrances often have different existences — some are simple, some are complicated, some are layered with multiple notes; others are seemingly simple yet never fail to surprise. Fragrances often associated with mystics and the divine are true as it sounds. Each handcrafted bottle to a connoisseur's nose is a universe in a bottle. It is safe to say that over the years methods of preparation and the ingredients used may have changed drastically but the idea behind a scent still remains the same.

To leave us longing for more, in a world filled with chaos and people spamming each other with their running commentary it’s as if at times it’s only the perfume that can stay quiet and listen to my heart, feel my longing and delving our mind to Euphoria.

A wise man once said, how do we know we’re in the good old days until they’ve passed us by. Truth be told, we’ll never know.

We’ll never be prepared but at least we’ll always be sure that there’s a scent that takes us back to those days. Here are some of the calming tendencies of a fragrance’


Relieves stress

Perfumes have a calming effect on the body and help relieve anxieties and even lower blood pressure. It is always advised to drop a few drops of vanilla essence on a bulb inside the house, this in turn will help stimulate appetite whilst providing a calming sense of standing in a bakery.


Helps you sleep better

Many perfumes use natural essential oils that treat insomnia and help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. These perfumes act as a sedative and aid not only your sleep, but also help reduce tension and stress levels. Lavender, Rosemary, Sage & Sea breeze are such scents.


Improves concentration

perfumes can have a stimulating effect on the brain and provide extra mental stamina and energy. They help reduce stress, perfumes also showcase the benefit of improving concentration and focus. Acting as a stimulant its fragrant properties help the in to focus on improving thinking ability and reflexes.


Has aromatherapy properties

Many natural essential oils used in perfumes are also used in aromatherapy.


Evokes Euphoria

Fragrance is known to trigger memories of people or events in our lives that were important to us. Many women wear the perfumes they remember their mother wearing precisely for this reason. 


Enhances your mood

Perfumes act as a mood enhancer.  Not just for us but also others around us 


Makes you sociable

Certain Fragrances have pheromones, so when you wear them, they are also natural aphrodisiacs. A good fragrance is what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Boosts confidence

Perfumes are an excellent confidence booster. improves your attitude and gives you that extra bit of self-assurance that can help get you through the day.  


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