Christmas is near, the gifting season is here, surprise that special someone in your life with the exciting range of new scents launched by the next fragrances. The smell is the most intriguing sense of all others we possess, provokes reactions and euphoria seemingly beyond our control, some particular fragrances are known to affect our reflexes and behaviour in different ways.


NEXT Admire 

This perfect blend of musky tobacco fragrance never ceases to amaze, designed especially keeping in mind the wild & untamed for men who live outside the rules. This bold & dynamic fragrance never fails to make you stand out of the crowd, its mere presence is overpowering to the atmosphere and as soothing as ever. Triggering euphoria to embrace our truest selves and the most primal urges. This perfume is not for the regular Sam.


Bleu de NEXT 

The Blue de Next Eau de Perfume for men is nothing short of the true taste of freedom & joy, Hunting top notes of Orange & Grapefruit straight from the French orchids. The fragrance will take you back straight to the streets of Grasse,  France. This perfume is strictly for the avid passionate who know how to romance. This Christmas season, have these options as a perfect gift for your partner. The new exclusive range of fragrances makes a great addition to your gifting choices.


These fragrances allow your presence to accompany your partner wherever they go. Gifting perfumes exhibits a large range of emotions, love, affection, appreciation, and intimacy. Perfumes are a defining mark of a man’s personality traits as we are often perceived by what we wear. In this metropolitan era, we always chase to have an edge over things. No longer do we need to adjust for small exceptions, it's our chance let's take it now. The new fragrances range by next give us that much-needed edge, in a world where can miss due to the slightest slip, these fragrances by next makes sure the grip never fades!

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