Bringing to you an exquisite and exotic line of fragrances on the go.


- Budget-friendly

- Variety of choices

- Compact to carry

With the all-new line of miniature perfume sets, get ready to have the best of both worlds and get to choose from six different and unique fragrances.  Takes up half as much the space and packs six different fragrances. Each one of these fragrances are passionately crafted with scents from across the land, each chosen and handpicked for the best experience from the richest plantations across. 



Self-love with Aroura by NEXT. The beautiful Stir of Flora and blackberry musk creates a sensual aroma that brings excitement to your everyday activities. This fragrance for alpha women is the perfect addition to your daytime routine. Spray it into the creases of your arms before you leave to conduct an important meeting at work and enjoy an alluring scent that will last throughout the day.



Finding its origin in the world Isabelle, the word belle itself means that God is perfection, beauty is divine and some scents just remind us of that.

It's often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to acknowledge NEXT Belle’s beautiful fragrance one would not even need to open their eyes. Its mere presence in the air around us makes us see the beauty in this world. Hinting top notes of white lily and herbal monotones at its heart it reminds us of the beauty of union culminating with soft spicy and herbal notes.



The word itself derived from saint valentine next valentine takes you back to the old days and our mind to places we feel loved. As special for someone, NEXT Valentine doesn't fail to surprise you with the romantic rosy notes encased around Massoia and stirred hints of black vanilla.



There’s an old saying in an oeste town. Where there’s a captain, sailors follow, be it the high tides of seven seas or the corporate jungle we find ourselves hunting in.

NEXT Aqua captures the true spirit of the men who tame the high seas and the fragrance of the seven seas. Splashing top notes of citrus and the waves hitting the rocks with full vigor, at its heart, it leaves hints of Schezular pepper, lavender and sandalwood leave you craving for more.


Men in blue

NEXT Men In Blue is an entire universe in a bottle, the colour blue on the visual spectrum has the longest wavelength, yet the true blue is almost a rarity. In our attempt to capture the inherent nature of the true blue in Men In Blue by NEXT exuberates nothing but a colossus sense of satisfaction and overwhelming calm in a life where we need it the most.

While the top notes hint of fresh citrus and misty mountains, at its heart the men in blue is as untamed as the violet sky leaving you with an epiphany for true freedom. 


Silver Scent

NEXT Silver scent the power of freshness with a twist, the unisex scent that overpowers the nasal palate with its stir of Bulgarian rose and orange flowers. Top notes comprise the perfect blend of fruity pears, raspberries, and saffron. It just leaves you with a sense of euphoria and simpler times of harmony.


The perfume which gets you ready to have the best of both worlds. Order NEXT Luxury Perfume Atomizer Set for Men and Women - 6x10 ml Sampler Pack and enjoy the fragrance festival.  

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