An #OUDyssey of pleasure and indulgence.

An #OUDyssey of pleasure and indulgence.

Discover an exotic world where luxury meets glamour. A place of opulence and exceptional fragrances that tantalise your senses. The deep musky notes of NEXT Oud Discovery Pack bring together three amazing scents that will have you smelling awesome all day long. The perfect aromas for men and women of discerning tastes, these long-lasting and intense fragrances put together rich notes in a perfect symphony. Wear them for a formal occasion or every day, they will make you feel special every time. Alluring enough to make heads turn, it is also impactful enough to be an extension of your personality. It comes as a hard box pack of three equally enticing fragrances – Gold, Silver and Arabian Scents.
Gold Scent Oud is a premium perfume that has an amber woody fragrance. The unisex perfume has enchanting smokey aroma paired with that of damp wood that exudes warmth and pleasure. The floral and fruity notes of the perfume are blended to create a musky scent that brings in the rich Oud aroma. Feel confident and bold every time you step out with this perfume on you that lasts really long. The top notes in this fragrance are Raspberry, Saffron and Pea; the middle notes are Bulgarian Rose and Orange Blossom; and the base notes are Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli, Amber and Musk.

An aroma that arrests attention and commands it, Arabian Scent by Next Premium Perfume is another splendid perfume suitable for both men and women. It has a distinctly woody scent that stirs up exotic Arabian vibes around you. It lasts for really long and conjures up magic, hour after hour, throughout the day. Wear this perfume to add a hint of mystery and ample confidence to your day. The top notes of this fragrance are Lemon, Pepper and Labdanum; the middle notes are Agarwood, Dark Chocolate and Rose; and the base notes are Myrrh, Olibanum, Ambergris and Vanilla. This earthy fragrance is intoxicatingly joyous.

Bask in the glow of a moonlit starry sky with NEXT Silver Scent Oud Perfume. This perfume has a good sillage and is long-lasting as well. The perfect perfume for a woman who is in control and wants to express a position of authority, the Eau de Parfum has an essence of Oud traced back to Laos. The top notes of this fragrance are Pear, Raspberry and Saffron; the middle notes are Bulgarian Rose and Orange Flower; and the base notes are Natural OUD oil and Patchouli.

Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind and The Ultimate Threesome! NEXT CARE OUD Unisex Discovery Pack and smell wonderful wherever you go. Pure luxury perfumes that smell of an old-world exotic charm, these are your secret tool for added poise.
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