At the elegent  range of NEXT  most popular  fragrance is the Golden scent by NEXT, the guardian of Easter traditions. Find the spirit of the Oud, baffling, old and woodsy, where man and lady are cleared away into the equivalent wake. Black Aoud is a sensational scent – however don't mistake that for excessively strong. It's medium bodied and rich, a gurgling elixir of smooth rose and the leather feel of labdanum, blended with otherworldly oud tree oils. It's an  adventure to some place where you've presumably never been and will ask to come back to… everything necessary is a little whiff of this stunning, uncommon fragrance. In the event that you look for a profoundly exasperated rose and oud aroma, one that would have scented the splendidly colored pads of a group of concubines, you need look no further.
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